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Chemical / Pharmaceutical Industry

  • Purification of Polyphenyl Compounds
  • Separation of Aromatic Amines from Oxidized Components and By-products
  • Separation of Long Chain Acid Chlorides from Impurities and Free Acids
  • Solvent Separation from Silicon Oils
  • Concentration and Purification of Esters
  • Concentration of Herbicides and Insecticides
  • Purification of Sorbitanic Esters
  • Purification of Candelilla Wax and Other Natural Waxes
  • Elimination of Solvents and Improvement of Color of Montan Wax
  • Deodoration, Separation of Pesticides
  • Decoloring of Lanoline
  • Distillation of Acrylic Acid
  • Distillation of Acid Amides
  • Distillation of Pharmaceutical Intermediates view case history
  • Distillation of Pharmaceutical Active Substances (e.g. Pentoxifyllin) view VTA supplied R&D System
  • Distillation of Cashew Nut Shell Oil


Oil and Fat Industry

  • Separation of Free Fatty Acids from Vegetable Oil
  • Fractionation of Tall Oil
  • Concentration of Glycerol
  • Isolation of Monoglyceride
  • Purification and Deodorization of Fish Oil
  • Concentration of Tocopherols
  • Concentration of Lycopene
  • Elimination of Pesticides from Natural Oils
  • Concentration of Natural Carotin
  • Concentration of Omega-3- Fatty Acids Distilled from Fish Oil
  • Distillation of Fatty Acid Amides
  • Distillation of Dimeric Fatty Acids
  • Distillation of Triglycerides
  • Lecithin Drying
  • Concentration of DHA from Plant Sources


Olfactory, Flavor and Food Industry

  • Elimination of Terpenes and Concentration of Ethereal Oils
  • Separation of Solvents from Flavors
  • Concentration of Juices or Extracts
  • Concentration of Tocopherols
  • Concentration and Isolation of Lactic Acid
  • Concentration of Capsicum
  • Concentration of Dairy Products
  • Concentration of Fruit Products
  • Concentration of Natural Sweeteners



  • Used Oil Refining
  • Purification of Spent Lubricants, Brake fluids, Glycerol and Transformer Oils
  • Recycling of Dimethylsulfoxid (DMSO) Mother Liquors
  • Recycling of Sulfolane
  • Processing of Pharmaceutical Industry Mother Liquors
  • Advanced Organic Intermediates
  • Recycling of Monochloric Acids from Mother Liquors


Polymer Industry

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